Our values

We at Effeffe were all born in Lombardy, we come from the heart of its countryside and it’s here that we produce. Our position is strategic: the raw materials are within easy reach, the agri-food industry is well developed and the common mentality is to respect the others and the earth. And with these premises, experience has turned into knowledge and respect.



• We purchase the raw materials only from those suppliers who share our ideas and values, who have committed themselves to adhering to strict protocols to ensure quality and consistency.
• Our central position allows us to buy from suppliers close to our production centres.
• Warefully check all the raw materials we receive, even before we unload them.
• We pay great attention to the use of new production technologies aimed at reducing the impact on the environment.
• We adhere to Fediaf nutritional guidelines that are more restrictive than the current regulations.
• We have great respect for labour force, both direct and indirect.

But above all, respect means doing our best for the welfare of pets:

• Guaranteed nutritional balance.
• Analysis of nutritional response and attractiveness conducted without using methods that might even minimally harm the psychophysical welfare of the animals.



The study of the formulae requires a deep knowledge of the nutritional needs of animals and a great commitment to follow the advances in scientific research. This data is then compared with that emerging from trends, the most popular flavours, qualities that may reassure owners. But what comes above all is animal welfare.
• Carefully selected ingredients
• Quality and complete recipes
• Sources of alternative animal and vegetable proteins
• Alternative and ancestral cereals
• Vitamin and amino acid complex supplements
• No preservatives and no artificial colours
• None of the ingredients contain any genetically modified substances



• Transparency and traceability.
Our products are constantly tested and certified. The traceability we offer, the NIR system for rapid analysis, the compliance with the HACCP system, the UNI EN ISO-22000 certification for total food safety, all guarantee the Quality of the Production Processes, the Quality of the Products and the consistency of Quality.
Our collaboration with prestigious Italian University Institutes of Veterinary Medicine, throughout the Project Phase and the Documentation Phase, contributes to reaffirming our commitment and helps us to find new answers to new questions every day.
• Certifications
CSQA - UNI ISO CSQA - UNI ISO 22000: International standard for Food Safety Management Systems, that certifies safety and quality in manufacturing process and therefore guarantees safety and quality to the finished product.
CCPB: from 2015 are aligned with the standard for the manufacturing, preparation, labelling and trading of organic pet food.
IFS Food: International Featured Standards for the audit of product supplier under private labels - this provides the guarantee that Effeffe applies all the necessary process to assure the maximum safety for the food and the product.

To verify and check all the recipes we have created, we have an internal exclusive and efficient Quality & Research Department



We pay great attention to the observation of trends and innovations in the market, from product and nutritional knowledge to marketing and purchase and consumption dynamics. Our multi-sector, multi-channel and international experience in over 20 countries allows us to be constantly informed and able to anticipate trends and critical success factors.
The direct experience acquired through the Pet360 brand has given us considerable expertise in all specialized channels in Italy and abroad.



We put great effort into following the advances in animal nutrition research and use them for our food, always paying attention to the evolution of the needs of dog and cat owners, trying to anticipate them. This allows us to stand out as a constantly evolving partner, able to offer new and increasingly performing nutritional solutions with reduced time to market and in tune with consumers’ needs.