Quality and Research

Our crowning achievement: the Quality and Research Department

Because of the great responsibility we have towards animals and towards our Clients, we have established an exclusive and efficient internal Quality & Research Department, where a pool of experts works every day to design, test, and inspect every line of food created..


  • Application of a food safety management system in according to international recognized standards
  • Careful selection and entry control on materials and raw materials
  • Process control by monitoring critical points
  • Analysis of the final product before being placed on the market


  • 130 customisable formulas already extensively tested
  • Product innovation
  • Research on new ingredients, in close collaboration with our qualified suppliers
  • Product validation, through collaboration with recognised university institutes
  • Testing new materials for innovative packaging
  • Constant improvement of the existing product range
  • Monitoring and constant verification of the nutritional compliance of the recipes
  • Analysis of consolidated market trends that are potentially promising for the future
  • Constant attention to nutritional innovations (in collaboration with the veterinary community)
  • Implementation of new analysis and verification technologies
  • Support for improving production techniques