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At Effeffe we ​​have been producing pet food since 1986.
Experience, dynamism, and flexibility enable us to independently manage the entire process: from the conception of the product in the laboratory, to production, up to delivery.
But that's not all: with 30 years of experience and success and having overcome many obstacles, Effeffe has developed in-deep knowledge of its field. In fact, we keep a very close eye on trends and innovations in the market, from the product and nutritional knowledge through to marketing and purchasing and consumption dynamics.
Our multi-sector, multi-channel experience spread over more than 20 countries around the world enables us to keep constantly up to date and anticipate trends and critical success factors.
Direct experience through the Pet360 brands gives us additional in-depth expertise in the specialised channel in Italy and abroad.
This is why we are much more than a supplier to you: we are the strong ally you can count on to develop your pet food and your brand, to support you throughout its entire life cycle, and to promote it effectively.

SINCE 1986

over 30 years of history.
12892 days. 12892 rewards and difficulties, contingencies and tenacity, obstacles and goals, empathy, consistency, passion, respect and experience.

1986 - 2017

1986 - 1995

The beginning

From an idea of Angelo Ferrari, it began co-packing services in pet food. From the first craft installations we proceeded with more resolute investments. The internal laboratory is born. Effeffe focuses its attention on Private Label and co-manufacturing.


Quality Certification

Effeffe achieves , first company in Italy in petfood , ISO 9000 certification for the production of food for dogs and cats. This step represents the deep commitment to search for a systematic internal management, with a view to customer satisfaction.

1996 - 2000

Partnership and Internationalization

Effeffe establishes a joint venture with an specialized American group. These are the important years of partnership, of maturation, and discovering our own strong identity in a growing market. We started collaborations with large groups in the specialized channel and in the large-scale retail market, both in Italy and abroad.

2001 - 2009


Effeffe gains the trust of increasingly important companies, consolidating the position as a reference producer in Italy and abroad for private-label production. Capacity production expansion and the introduction of new formulations continues.

2009 - ad oggi


Market leader

Effeffe is a leader in private labels. It produces, packages, and delivers over 60% of the Italian private label market. It has a substantial customer portfolio, from large groups to small businesses. And it is an ally and adviser to each of them.


Effeffe was founded in the heart of the Lombardy countryside. The position is strategic: the raw materials are within reach, the infrastructure of the agro-food industry is well-developed, and there is a shared mentality of respect for others and for the land. These local roots have turned experience into knowledge and respect.


Effeffe in numbers

A few figures

1 team of qualified professionals

from multi-sectoral backgrounds

3 extrusion lines

70.000 tonnes

of annual production capacity

7 automated packaging lines

equipped with cutting-edge process control devices

30 million packages

30 million packages produced in a year

130 formulas available

40 suppliers

over 40 qualified suppliers

200.000 checks

a total of over 200,000 checks of raw materials and production processes

Over 60% of the Italian market

for private dry labels

17 countries

poperating in 17 countries worldwide


We operate in 17 countries worldwide

  • Romania
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia
  • Albania
  • Georgia


Production is not the only form of partnership we can offer at Effeffe. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the market and its levers, Effeffe is a valuable consultant for:

1. One Stop Supplier

To provide you with an extensive and comprehensive range to complete the portfolio of extruded and wet semi-finished products manufactured in our Pieve Porto Morone factory.

2. New products

To understand market trends and anticipate demand. To identify changing habits and be proactive. To improve formulas by using innovative ingredients.

3. New packing

To keep up to date on packaging innovations, from materials to more ergonomic shapes. From product preservation to shelf merchandising.

4. Marketing and communications

To accompany and support you at every stage: from sharing objectives and strategic analysis of the competitive market, to brand activation and merchandising, to public relations and customer care.

5. Logistics

A tailor-made delivery service, available to customers thanks to reliance on highly qualified partners.


To develop products that meet your expectations, we always keep the market and the nutritional needs of animals in mind.
For this purpose, our product portfolio is diversified into 4 distinct ranges:






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